Bismarck herring …100 g            31 zł

Jerusalem artichoke mousse with smoked apple, white radish, apple dashi

Scallops …3 pieces                    46 zł

dried black pudding, brazilian nut, apple, celery puree, roasted sage

Beef Tartare …100g                    35 zł

pickled cucumber gel, marinated saffron milk cap, french mustard, smoked egg yolk, wheat chips

Foie gras …100 g                47 zł

jam of wild rose petals, quince gel, caramelized in coffee cashews, brioche

Goat cheese …100 g              32 zł

filo pastry, arugula, hazelnut emulsion,

pickled pear, pear gel, honey-lemon dressing


Beef consomme …200 ml           25 zł

stewed beef cheek, lovage oil, carrot, parsley root

Cream of parsnip…200ml                               23 zł

Basil oil, toast, parmesan cheese

Fish soup …200ml                   26 zł

smoked Dory, potato-mushroom croquette, roasted leek, dill oil

Main Courses

Fillet of beef …160 g                         115 zł

roasted baby cabbage, french horn mushroom, smoked lardo, baked potato puree, estragon emulsion

Saddle from Deer …150 g                    120 zł

baked cauliflower puree, pickled yellow beetroot, spinach saute, potato chips, wine-chocolate sauce

Lamb’s hip …190 g                                          87 zł

lamb’s thymus, pumpkin, smoked pancake, pickled pearl onions, demi glas

Baked Wild duck …150 g                                85 zł

red cabbage essence, smoked apple puree, salsify chips,

black salsify boiled in milk with fermented garlic, lavender demi glas

Dover Sole …150 g                        69 zł

Octopus, risotto, mini carrot, mini zucchini, paprika, thyme, balsamic vinegar

Fillet of Dorry …160 g                              72 zł

udon noodles, shitake mushrooms, sesame, baby pak choy, oyster dressing


Chocolate cake…100 g               26 zł
chocolate ice cream, parsnip chips, coffee grain

Apple tart …100 g         24 zł

buttery crunchy bottom, vanilla sauce, celery ice cream

Ciastko owsiane …100 g                 24zł

bloody orange, pecan nut, white chocolate mousse, dark beer espuma

Jerusalem artichokes cheesecake …100 g        26 zł

mascarpone, sea buckthorn jelly, caramelized sunflower, plum sauce