Lobster Ravioli …100 g       36 zł
Carrot puree, snow pea, oriental dressing

Scallops …3 pieces         42 zł
Green peas puree, white chocolate, parma ham, lemon oil

Smoked catfish …80g         32 zł
Cucumber pickles, pickled jelly, smoked essence, crunchy buckwheat, apple caviar

Beef Tartare …100g       35 zł
Confit of egg yolk, onions, onion pickles, pickled cucumber, brush with sauerkraut, black olives, lovage

Foie Gras …80 g            49 zł
Compressed raspberry and bilberry, peach gel,brioche

Carpaccio of deer …60 g                        38 zł
Pine nuts, pine shoot olive oil, amber cheese, passion fruit gel with rosemary


Octopus and Prawns…250 g            37 zł
Mango, strawberry, raspberry, bouquet of herbs and lettuce, herbal vinegrette

Beetroots with Feta cheese…250 g         35 zł
Beet leaves, capers, watermelon, herbs, herbal oil


Chanterelle soup…200 ml           35 zł
Root vegetables, cocks, small cucumber, truffle-dill oil, cream

Zucchini cream soup…200ml                  22 zł
Pickles from zucchini, curry, raspberry

Main Courses

Entrecote …200 g         78 zł
Leek gratin with bacon, chaterelle, small cucumbers, garlic puree, truffle dressing

Madame steak …160 g       78 zł
Beef tenderloin, potato, carrot, spinach, bacon, tomato chutney, chili and ginger, demi glace

Chateaubriand… 42 zł/100 g
Beef tenderloin, with your choice of toppings, average weight starts from 300g

Lamb T-Bone…150 g       68 zł
Carrots and Garlic puree, zucchini, eggplant, tomato gel, demi glace, parsley oil

Veal…150g        68 zł
Batat, mustard puree, broccoli, mango, sugar peas, demi glace

Duck  …150 g        64 zł
Parsley puree, green beans, smoked cottage cheese, cherry sauce with thyme

Sole  …150g         120 zł
Broccoli puree, carrot, potato, Bearnaise sauce

Turbot…150g         73 zł
Potato puree, wild asparagus, apricot, safflower sauce, balsamic caviar

Homemade Dumplings …5 pieces         46 zł
Lamb meat, demi glace, jam with red onions and raspberries


Chocolate fondant…120 g          25 zł
Rum ice cream, exotic sauce

Dessert Trio…120 g.       38 zł
Chef’s suprise

Sour milk ice cream …120 g         20 zł
In compressed fruits syrup

Trio of sorbets  …120 g          24 zł
Sea buckthorn, strawberry, lemon

Lemon sorbet with Prosecco …        20 zł

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