Lobster Ravioli …100 g       37 zł
Pumpkin with coconut milk, ginger gel, orange powder

Scallops …3 pieces         42 zł
Corn puree, popcorn, grapefruit, lime leaf and cilantro oil

Beef Tartare …100g       35 zł
Confit egg yolk, onions, onion pickles, pickled cucumber, dried sauerkraut, black olives, lovage

Duet Foie Gras …160 g            52 zł

Mango, orange, vanilla, brioche

Carpaccio of deer …60 g                        38 zł
Pine nuts, pine olive oil, long maturing cheese, passion fruit gel with rosemary


Goose…250 g            37 zł
Roasted beetroot, pickled pumpkin, orange

Octopus …250 g         36 zł

Roasted peppers, zucchini, shallots, mini carrots, leeks, truffle potatoes, creme fraische, rice


Lobster cream soup…200 ml           25 zł

Lobster, lemon foam, mushroom powder

Pheasant’s consomme…200ml                  22 zł
Pheasant, carrot, spinach pancake, honey

Horseradish cream soup …200ml                  20 zł

Tongue, apple, beetroot, parsley oil

Main Courses

Madame steak …160 g       80 zł
Espuma with potato, spinach, concase with vegetables, demi glas

Chateaubriand… 42 zł/100 g
Beef tenderloin with french fries and salad, weight starts from 300g

Lamb Chops…150 g       93 zł
Carrot with cinnamon, grilled paprika, baked potato with feta, lamb jus

Saddle of deer…150g        92 zł

Wheat, celery baked in salt, plum jam, smoked cottage cheese, pine with sea-buckthorn, demi glace

Wild Duck  …150 g        78 zł

Ravioli with bacon, red cabbage, apple with cranberry, demi glace flavored with orange

White Halibut  …150g         87 zł

Nori, broccoli, compressed cucumber, lobster bisque with vanilla

Fillet of Cod …150g         62 zł

Corn, spinach – orange salad, crunch of anise, lemon grass, crunchy celery, lemon oil



Chocolate fondant…120 g          25 zł
Espresso ice cream, hot chocolate sauce, cherry flavored with rosemary and cherry liquor

Cheesecake …100 g.       20 zł
Caramelized buttermilk, philadelphia cheese, juniper, camomile angles, parsley ice cream, caramelized sunflower seed

White chocolate …100 g         22 zł

Passion fruit, freeze-dried raspberry, roasted chocolate, coffee

Lemon sorbet with Prosecco …        20 zł