We invite you to an unusual event to L’Entre Villes! On 23 November we will  officially open the door of our restaurant for Austrian Cuisine!

Our guest – Chef Michael Grubauer from Bad Ischl will take you to Austria and present the rarities of that region!

On November 23 at 7 pm we invite you to a special dinner which will be opened by our special austrian guest. 

Michael Grubauer, arm in arm with the chef of L’Entre Villes, will introduce you to the secrets of Austrian cuisine and share his knowledge. He will be also happy to answer your questions!

For a good start: a glass of Prosecco!

5 great, traditional dishes with a hint of originality, excellent live music

and an unforgettable atmosphere!

Come with us to Austria!

And what will happen  on November 24 and 25?

Come for a lunch and enjoy delicious austrian dishes!

After 5 pm we invite you to try the next 5-course menu! 🙂



restauracja@entrevilles.pl, +58 717 37 37.

Price: PLN 140 / person

The number of places is limited

… from the pages of history

Austrian cuisine began in the 19th century. It combines German, Italian, Fancus, Hungarian and Czech influences. It has a long tradition. This cuisine is known for schnitzel, boiled beef and baked dishes but… not only! The alpine cuisine offers a wide range of bread specialties and is famous for many sweet and sour dishes.

According to legend, the famous Wiener Schnitzel was brought home by the Austrian count Radetzki around 1857 and quickly became very popular.

A special paradise for gourmets is probably Viennese flour cuisine with sweet delicacies, such as apple strudel, strudel with curd, plum noodles, pancakes, Sacher cake, Linzer cake or gugelhupf.