Designing L’Entre Villes we wanted to preserve the unique character of the beautiful, over one hundred years old Sopot villa, leaving characteristic wooden details and elements of the facade. At the same time we refreshed the look of the building, making the wall color more luminous, adding luster by gilding and elements with light sandstone.

Details characteristic for Sopot villas.

Gold-plated reliefs on the facade.

Sculpture in front of the entrance invites you.

The fountain, with figures holding hands of women and men located in front, creates a composition bracket. After dark, the fountain is illuminated, making a magical atmosphere.

The interior may at first glance seem eclectic, but it’s colors – light gray, English rose and cornflower blue, composed with luminous, matte texture of oak on furniture provide a lot of light and positive attitude.

Large-format reproductions of masterpieces of Dutch painting adds an avant-garde touch, giving the interior a distinct character.

Stylish crystal chandeliers

Details – reliefs


Brushed oak furniture