Occasional events

L’Entre Villes restaurant is perfect for meetings, events, training and shows. All rooms are separated by sliding walls – they can be joined together, or separated, depending on the needs and number of participants. One floor can accommodate up to 100 people. There is also the possibility of renting a single room, the whole floor or the entire facility.

The total area of ​​the rooms on the ground floor: 178 m kw.
Winery: 26 m kw.
Reception hall: 26 m kw.
Bar + surroundings: 30 m kw.
Orangery: 40 m kw.
Restaurant room II: 30 m kw.
Restaurant room I: 26 m kw.

The total area of ​​rooms on the floor: 178 m kw.
Salon Prive: 26 m kw.
Hall: 26 m kw.
Veranda: 10 m kw.
Bar + surroundings: 30 m kw.
Banquet hall II: 30 m kw.
Banquet hall I: 26 m kw.

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