Sławomir Hahn


Our team

“Passion is the foundation!”

He has been cooking for 27 years, and the passion for cooking has already appeared in him as a child. He placed his first steps in the kitchen at my mother’s side, which undoubtedly influenced the choice of his future life path. He worked in many places and the inspiration for him were great chefs. However, he remembers his work at the Fish Market Restaurant, where he developed his wings and combined the passion of cooking with his second hobby – fishing. Working at L’Entre Villes, he admits that an excellent team and willingness to learn gives him satisfaction and motivation to innovate and experiment.

“The perfect combination? Only in the team!”

Features that make him stand out in the kitchen are modesty and strong personality, which, combined with the curiosity of the world and the desire to experiment, make his dishes stand out not only by their excellent taste, but they are also a feast for the eyes. The most important for him is a well-coordinated team, willingness to work and humility. He does not hide that working in the kitchen is not for everyone, but he believes that everyone will find their place in them if he has strong motivation and the most important feature – humility.

„Kitchen is a command center, but based on creating – not duplicating”

Dishes prepared by our boss enjoy excellent opinions among our guests. His mentor is Marco Pierre White, whom he has long admired for his undeniable talent and for undertaking unusual culinary challenges. He always bets on innovation. He points out that he does not like to duplicate the work of other chefs. He experiments always combining flavors to create unique, unforgettable dishes. He emphasizes many times that a person learns throughout life, and constant development is necessary in the kitchen.

Managerial staff and guest service

Our team consists of the best managers who every day demonstrate their great experience to make your stay in our restaurant unique and unforgettable. We approach each guest individually, believing that professionalism and understanding is the key to mutual success.