Exquisite alcohol for a Christmas gift

This year's Christmas, it's worth being remembered - and making your company's customers appreciate you in a special way. Is there a way to emphasize your love for Tricity and its rich history, and at the same time give your business clients a classic, timeless and tasteful gift? Of course! Alcohol as a Christmas gift is a great idea, but only if it has an appropriate setting.

Good alcohol for a Christmas gift – which one to choose?

Goldwasser is our flagship product, whose name, composition and origin are extremely rich - and we are happy to talk about it. The tradition of this vodka dates back to the 16th century - Ambrose Vermöllen, a religious refugee from Lier, was said to have contributed to its creation, and the recipe for this drink was brought by him from the Netherlands. Currently, it is produced only in Germany or upon request from one of our restaurants with the same famous name, Goldwasser. The composition of this golden water includes anise, cinnamon, cloves, thyme, lavender and rosemary, and it sparkles with real gold flakes. Holiday gifts in the form of exclusive alcohol, which cannot be bought in a regular store, are a great way to show respect for a customer or employee.

Machandel is another vodka from our collection, characterized by a rich history dating back to the 18th century and a juniper flavor. It involves a special way of drinking. If you want to avoid waiting a queue for all the guests, you should follow a specific ritual: put a dried plum with a seed on a toothpick, put it in a glass and pour this 38% alcohol. Then the plum is eaten, leaving the toothpick in the left hand and holding the pit under the cheek. You drink vodka in a gulp so as not to swallow the seed - you have to spit it out at the bottom of the glass and put a toothpick broken in half there. Christmas gifts for customers must be memorable - that's why it's worth buying such exclusive Gdańsk vodka for the most important of them.Kurfürsten is a unique, spicy liqueur, the first records of which were written in literature in the 18th century. When choosing business gifts for the holidays, it is worth thinking about a truly princely accent that will take you deeper into the world of Gdańsk's history with each sip.Gift sets in the form of three tasting bottles of different types of vodka: Goldwasser, Machandel and Kurfürsten in elegant packaging. When it comes to business gifts for Christmas, this is one of the most frequently chosen variants. A 0.5 liter bottle of Goldwasser vodka and two branded glasses packed in a satin-lined wooden box can also be a unique gift. A slightly different type of gift set is a small 40 ml bottle full of golden water with six original pralines - such Christmas gifts are especially appreciated by women, which is worth taking into account when ordering them for your contractors and employees. You can also choose from two other gift sets in a gold box: 0.5 l bottles of Goldwasser and Kurfürsten vodka or a 0.5 l bottle of golden liquid with two glasses.Sets of glasses - 6 pieces signed with the Goldwasser brand. They can be a fantastic stand-alone gift or an addition to one of the delicious drinks.We also offer a voucher to be redeemed in one of our restaurants. This is an exclusive Christmas gift for customers who want to encourage them to visit Tricity more often and get to know its character.

Christmas gifts Gdańsk - elegance that pays off

Christmas gifts for companies in the form of exclusive alcoholic beverages do not need any additional setting. You receive vodkas and liqueurs in velvet pouches with a gold cord and embroidered with the appropriate logo or in special gift boxes. They are characterized by royal colors - scarlet, navy blue, purple, black and gold - which emphasize the unique character of this gift. If you want to buy such Christmas gifts, Gdańsk and Sopot are places where you can make such a purchase in one of our restaurants. These are elegant things that will certainly allow you to be remembered in the best possible way - and this will pay off in trust and long-term relationships.

Gifts for companies Sopot – where to buy exclusive drinks?

You can purchase alcohol, sets, glasses and vouchers as luxurious Christmas gifts for customers in one of our four restaurants: L'Entre Villes in Sopot, Kamienica Goldwasser, Plotkin Bistro and Fishmarkt in Gdańsk. We also offer Christmas gifts for companies that want to place an order remotely - then shipping is possible. Due to the fact that our products are local, it is worth using them, especially when you are looking for something that will crown the location of a favorable contract or emphasize the affiliation of your company to the Tricity. In Polish tradition, there is a custom of giving each other special gifts on Christmas, which beautifully sums up a fruitful year - hence the ideas for gifts for companies. Sopot is one of the few places in Poland where you can buy original gold water, so this product adds exclusivity to every Christmas package. Good alcohol as a Christmas gift is something that is definitely worth giving.

Classic Christmas gifts

Business gifts for Christmas must have unique features: luxury and, at the same time, universality. Good quality drinks are recognized all over the world as such - they not only decorate the bar and become noble with age, but also taste great. Alcohol as a Christmas gift works especially well when you don't know the recipient's personal taste preferences. Therefore, Goldwasser, Machandel or Kurfürsten accompanied by glasses or pralines will be a beautiful way to crown many years of cooperation and emphasize the unique merits of business partners. Business gifts for the holidays with such a historically and taste-specific feature will certainly appeal to everyone who

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